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Awaken the Feminine in you.

About Amin B

 Goddess Amin B, a Divine Feminine Healer and Founder of Solarus Collective. I created this community to offer yoga and meditation practices for women of color to tap into the sensual Divine Feminine energy. My journey started in the beginning of 2017 after taking my first vinyasa yoga class. From that moment I knew I wanted my community to have access to this healing practice. I graduated with my 200 hour Yoga Certification the following year in April of 2018. Since then, I have dedicated myself to sharing and facilitating meaningful events. My most popular classes include; Self Care Sunday’s, Sensual Slow Jam, and 4 week Divine Feminine Yoga Immersive. I love what I do, it brings me so much joy and fulfillment. 



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Eb and Flow Yoga studio -2017-2018

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification - Baptiste Vinyasa and Yin Yoga


About Taylor

I began my own practice of vinyasa and restorative yoga four years ago, taking online classes and visiting the Southside YMCA. After feeling called to dive deeper into my practice and yoga philosophy, I received my 200-HR YTT Certification from Iya Well this summer. I've found that slow-flow vinyasa, hatha yoga, and restorative yoga are the styles of yoga that feel good in my body and speak to me the most.
The Divine Feminine/Goddess energy is powerful! It can allow you to unapologetically take up space, awaken wisdom and self-mothering, and claim joy and pleasure within the Self in a way that can bring about true balance in the body. It's also not just reserved for femme folks - any body can awaken the energy within themselves to rest in their own power.

About Somyiah

I’m Myiah! You can also call me SoSo and I typically refer to myself as she/her, but I’m open to all pronouns used respectfully.

I have been choreographing and leading movement spaces for over a decade, but I fell in love with intentional yoga practice a little less than three years ago. I am passionate about reallocating resources to communities that have been systemically marginalized, especially opportunities that make healthy options more accessible. This includes connecting people in spaces that feel safe enough to encourage healing, which are key aspects related to the foundations of yoga. My goal is to center femme identities and motivate the acceptance of our individually beautiful bodies through connectivity, movement and the exploration of sensuality.

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